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    Quench Vent Systems

    Expertly designed quench vent systems are vital to the safety and success of your MRI suite. Our skilled quench vent company can meet all technical requirements mandated and make sure the space is operated safely. Call today to inquire about your quench vent system needs.

    Quench Vent SystemsQuench vent systems
    Quality design for safety
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    Quench Vent System Company

    When quench vent systems are built, they are designed to have a quench button. The sole use for the button is to render the unit non-magnetic in case of an emergency or when the magnet is being taken out of service. MRI machine uses liquid helium to keep the magnets cool. In the event of a defect, such as the power shutting down or the operator needing to stop the MRI, the magnets would be shut off. This would cause them to heat up, boiling off the helium. When the helium turns into a gas it expands and goes out of the vent. If there is a problem with the venting system, or the cryogen tank fails, liquid helium could be released into the MR room. Vent System CompanyIn that case, the helium would cause displacement of oxygen and present an asphyxiation hazard. The force of quenching can be strong enough to destroy MR equipment or the walls of the scanner room. Because of the direness in a situation like this, you need to have confidence that the design specs were adhered to and properly documented. We can take care of all this for you. We strive for quality assurance and integrity in our products. Come see why, for over 40 years, we have been the go-to quench vent company for quench vent systems.

    Our installation is considerably manageable. Each component is coded so there is no error in the field upon installation. Because of the seriousness posed if a quench vent system isn’t built the right way, you need to make sure experts, like us, handle the job. We provide a number of specialty services such as short run manufacturing, prototyping, and robotic welding.

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    Call us if you need to design or build quench vent systems.