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    Quench Vent Pipe

    A quench vent pipe provides an escape for cryogen straight to the outdoors. It is crucial to have a functioning quench vent pipe system with your MRI machine to ensure harmful toxins are not exposed to your staff and patients during a system failure.

    Quench Vent PipeQuench vent pipe
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    Quench Vent Pipe Purpose

    Emergency venting systems direct the escaping cryogens through a quench pipe out of the building. The quench vent pipe consists of straight hydraulically smooth sections, bends up to 90 degrees and has a diffuser, if required. The end of the quench vent pipe must have a weather-head to protect it from the natural elements and foreign objects. Because of possible fatal hazards that could occur if not built the right way, you need to make sure you hire a skilled quench vent company. We have decades of experience working with quench vent pipes and working with MRI vendors and contractors.Vent Pipe Company With such a huge investment in your MRI equipment, you want to protect it the best you can by making sure that quench vent pipe system is designed the right way.

    Sections of the quench vent pipe can only be secured by welding or bolted flanges with fiber gaskets. Gasketing material for a quench vent pipe is specialized. Our company can provide these to go between the pipe joints. We know that sometimes parts are needed as soon as possible, and we offer expedited shipping methods on all of our parts. The design and the construct of the quench vent pipe must be cited with drawings and calculations and kept with installation documents. We always adhere to strict installation standards. We use top of the line materials regarding selection as well. Proper quench vent pipe systems must be able to get rid of lethal gaseous helium during and MRI quench in the safest manner possible. Do not take a chance by hiring just any company, call our experts! With over 40 years in the business, our name is one you can trust!

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    We can build a custom quench vent pipe for your system and ship it to you.