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    MRI Vents

    MRI vents during a quench provide the safety net needed to keep resources safe. Do not pose unneeded risk to your MRI suite, patient or staff safety by not taking the proper steps to ensure the MRI vent system is free from defect. Call us today for all of your custom MRI vent needs.

    MRI VentsMRI vents
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    MRI Vent Systems

    Emergency quench vent direct the escaping cryogens through a quench pipe out of the building. Buildings should verify that the MRI vent construction matches the blueprints. The design data used at the time of installation also needs to be in line with the original vendor’s current guidelines. Annual audits of accessible components of an MRI vent system are strongly advised. System checks should focus on the soundness of assembly and process of all components and weather protection at the MRI vent sites. Vent Systems MRIIf during an audit an MRI vent component is not up to speed, we can ship you quickly the parts you need. We always build our MRI vents to the highest standard, giving you peace of mind that your MRI suite is operating at its best.

    One of the biggest risk factors in MRI vent design in the magnet room is the overuse of flexible piping. MRI vent systems should not have any slack nor should they have any dramatic bends or curves in it. Having a solid, well-built MRI vent system in place in case of a quench is critical to maintaining the highest level of safety standards. During a quench, expanding cryogens increase pressure and temps in a matter of seconds. You need to have confidence in the MRI vent system built that its integrity is not under fire in these extreme circumstances. All of our MRI vents are made using high precision equipment. After 40 years, our client’s happiness with our quality of work and ability to meet their demands speaks for itself. If you are in need of MRI vents, give us a call today!

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