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    MRI Quench Vent

    An MRI quench vent is an outside venting of the helium as a means to vent pipe non-magnetic material. Make sure your suites MRI quench vent system is up to current specs, call us today.

    MRI Quench VentMRI quench vent
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    MRI Quench Vent Company

    A centerline schematic of your system is vital to creating your custom MRI quench vent kit. We will use an MRI quench vent calculator to map out all spec requirements per the vendor’s outline. Our systems are then custom made to match your dimensions. Many items are taken into account when designing your MRI quench vent, such as the location of windows near the quench vent outlet site. MRI quench vent have to be located where no intake of possible helium can come back into the building. Access to the vent must also be restricted to ensure further safety from possible accidents.Quench Vent Company With people’s safety and your investment on the line, let a skilled team, like ours here at Ernie's Welding, handle all of your quench vent needs. Get the job done right with quality workmanship! Call to speak with one of customer service reps today and let us help you with your MRI quench vent needs.

    If an MRI quench vent is not built the right way, there is a risk of danger that may lead to death or injury and can result in damage of your MRI room. It is crucial that exhaust not be vented into an enclosed space. Once a quench is started, it is not able to be stopped. So, ensuring proper ventilation from inception is vital. Whether the quench is triggered by a magnet malfunction, impurities in the cryogens, major shim disturbances, or manual activation, all instances demand the same level of safety – a properly working MRI quench vent. Do not let the rarity of these happenings breed complacency. After 4 decades in the business, our expert welders know how to construct a durable MRI quench vent, ensuring the highest level of safety is adhered too.

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    We can provide a custom MRI quench vent.