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MRI Quench Pipe

An MRI quench pipe is used to safely expel helium out of the building quickly. If the magnet overheats, due to an accident, a scheduled ramp down, a broken magnet, or a piece of metal getting to the magnet, you will need to shut it off right away. Do not take a chance not having a well formed system. Call our certified welders and let our quench vent company handle all your MRI quench pipe needs.

MRI Quench PipeMRI quench pipe
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Helium Quench Pipe Systems

An MRI quench pipe is vital part of the overall system. During a quench, a large volume of super cold helium gas needs to be safely vented outside. Failure of the cryogenic vent can result in this cold gas going into the magnet room or another portion of the building. MRI quench pipes must hold up to the drastic shift in temps from ambient to that of liquid helium within seconds. Failure of proper helium MRI quench pipes could result in helium leaking into the room and jeopardizing patient safety. Our design covers all crucial issues, from human interface hazards at the exit point to stopping venting hurdles caused by bad design. Quench Pipe SystemsErnie's Welding understands that a well-designed mechanical quench duct system is critical to the success of any MRI suite. We will meet all of the technical requirements of the quench vent systems. The design and construction of this system must be both well planned and well documented. Our team will be able to provide you with the necessary engineering data to be used to determine the correct diameter of the MRI quench pipe after the routing of the quench duct has been planned for your review, along with the MRI manufacturer, and engineer's approval.

Because of what could be in store, hire a master quench vent company, like us, to safely engineer and install your MRI quench pipe system. We are on call for consults as well if you need more info or clarification of your system. When MRI quench pipe designs are done together with the MRI suiteā€™s design, interfaces between the piping system and the MRI room are easier.

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We build MRI quench pipe systems.