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    About Us

    In business since 1972, we are a leading MRI vent manufacturer, able to ship worldwide. We design and build quality helium gas evacuation lines for MRI machines. We here at Ernie’s are dedicated to manufacturing top quality cryogen vents for all MRI manufactures. We strive to meet, and exceed, our customers' requirements.

    What is a quench vent/helium exhaust system? Why do I need one?

    When an MRI quench occurs, liquid helium turns to a gaseous state and expands to approximately 740 times its volume. It quickly displaces the air in the room, and creates a potentially fatal situation. That's why MRI installations must include quench duct routing as part of the emergency system. As a leading MRI vent manufacturer, we're prepared to build the exact system your MRI system needs.

    On all kits provided, we apply the specifications supplied to us by the contractor, manufacturer, and engineer. Many of the manufacturers require variations of materials; galvanic isolation, connection joints and material thickness. We have found that this requires us to stay in close contact with our customers to help guide them to acquire all the information needed to fabricate the quench vent system correctly. We produce a quench vent system that will bolt together with a gasket flanged fitting and sweep elbows thus allowing the helium gas to exhaust safely from the building as per requirements.

    A centerline schematic of your system is critical to creating your custom MRI quench vent kit. Our systems are then custom fabricated to match your dimensions. By stocking the many necessary components needed, we are able to offer an average one to two day lead time, along with utilizing many shipping methods which allow us to meet our customers' time frames.
    Please feel free to contact us for your custom quench vent kit. Call us if you need an MRI vent manufacturer.